Business criminal law’s lawyer in Paris 8

Business criminal law governs all misdemeanors taking place in business life, but also all the economic rules that can lead to a criminal sanction.
Our law firm in Paris 8 will be your privileged interlocutor in this type of case: abuse of corporate assets or personal bankruptcy, we will be able to provide you with answers and unfailing support throughout the procedure. Our legal professionals can also travel to the provinces in certain cases.

Misuse of corporate assets: definition and application

Misuse of corporate assets is the fact that a company director consciously misappropriates all or part of the company's assets for personal purposes, in a manner contrary to the company's interests. This offence is often severely punished by the law because the sums involved are generally very high.

The misuse of corporate assets can take different forms, but it always concerns the directors of small businesses. It is punishable by a fine of 375 000€ and 5 years imprisonment. This sanction can be coupled with a ban on managing a commercial or industrial company or even a ban on exercising a profession qualified as industrial or commercial.

Whether you represent the victim company or the accused manager in a case of abuse of corporate assets, our criminal business law’s lawyers in Paris 8 will be there to guide you in complete transparency.

Our law firm in criminal business law assists you in case of personal bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy is a judicial sanction that prohibits an individual entrepreneur from managing, directing, controlling, or administering a business or from being employed in the public service.

This judgment usually comes after a judicial liquidation and is aimed at a manager accused of having had a dishonest attitude or punishable behaviors such as embezzlement, fictitious accounting or making payments despite the state of suspension of payments. If a company does not pay its debts, personal bankruptcy can also be pronounced.

Our Paris 8 criminal business law’s attorneys intervene in personal bankruptcy proceedings in the Paris region but also in cities like Suresnes, Nanterre, Argenteuil and Meudon. It is essential to contact us as soon as you receive the judgment of personal bankruptcy so that we can file an appeal within the very short legal deadline.

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