Lawyer for companies in difficulty in Paris 8

When a company finds itself in serious difficulty, it is essential to take all the necessary steps as soon as possible, either to try to resolve the difficulties or to initiate the necessary proceedings, depending on the situation.
Are you the manager of a company whose finances are in bad shape?
Are you unable to pay your bills?
Call on our law firm in Paris 8, which will accompany your company and provide you with valuable advice.

Filing for bankruptcy: one of the skills of our law firm specialized in insolvency law in Paris 8

The filing for bankruptcy, also called in French declaration of suspension of payments or bankruptcy, occurs when a company accumulates unpaid bills, is no longer able to pay salaries, has no available cash and can no longer take out credit.

The declaration of suspension of payments often results in either the recovery of the company or its liquidation.

The bankruptcy filing concerns many sectors of activity: liberal profession, farmer, association, auto-entrepreneur, individual company, commercial companies such as small businesses.

Risk prevention for companies in difficulty

Before declaring a suspension of payments, a company has several options to improve its financial situation.

If you are the manager of a company, whatever its size, and you notice economic difficulties, it is important to act quickly by calling upon our law firm in Paris 8 which will assist your structure.

We will be able to provide you management tools, but also information on all the preventive procedures that you can initiate before the situation becomes too unmanageable.

Several solutions are available to you in France:

  • The conciliation procedure: search for an agreement with creditors
  • The ad hoc mandate (Latin expression designating a French act specially used for a specific formality): request for the appointment of an ad hoc representative to the president of the court
  • Safeguard: this is a plan to continue the company by spreading out the payment of debts over time, with the agreement of the creditors and the court, if the company is not in a state of suspension of payments, and if the company's results can allow it
  • The court's power of alert: it makes the manager aware that the company is in a dangerous situation, to take measures before the situation deteriorates.

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