Corporate law firm in Paris 8

The firm is composed of strong personalities, dedicated to the specific interests of each client, whether in negotiations or litigation.
We are aware of the discrepancy between economic necessities and the deadlines imposed by legal proceedings. For this reason, we tend to favor negotiation to reach faster solutions.
Based in Paris 8, our law firm intervenes in fields such as corporate distress law, real estate law, international relations law, criminal law, business criminal law and French and international inheritance law. We intervene everywhere in France and abroad.

The career of the firm’s founder

Mr. Alain GUIBERE, a lawyer in corporate law at Paris 8, was sworn in on July 25th, 1986. He holds a master’s degree in Real Estate Development and Urban Planning Law, a master’s degree in General Private Law, a master’s degree in Judicial Careers, a master’s degree in Economic and Social Administration, a master’s degree in Real Estate Development and Urban Planning Law and a master’s degree in Strategy and management of international business school in ESSEC (a French a renowned business school).

He successively worked as a legal advisor during his studies, as a notary and then as a lawyer. This profession corresponds perfectly to his choice to defend the interests of the client within the framework of an exclusive relationship.

After studying the situation of each client, the desired objectives, and the choice of the strategy to be used are determined with him. The client is systematically kept informed, through regular contacts with the lawyers.

The know-how of our law firm in Paris 8

The firm has a success rate of over 90% in the cases we have handled. We accompany each of our clients with transparency, responsiveness, and availability. We are also skilled in negotiation, one of the aspects of the legal profession that motivates us the most.

Alain GUIBERE works closely with Jean-Claude GUIBERE. Specialized in real estate law, and in the law of securities and enforcement measures, Mr. Jean-Claude GUIBERE can intervene in many fields: co-ownership, commercial and residential leases, inheritance, seizure, or even in the context of real estate sales.

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